Sill and Crackerbread

Posted By Stephen

After visiting Sweden and eating loads of sill (marinated herring), we popped into a Swedish cafe and shop in London last weekend (Scandinavian Kitchen) and bought some more of it.

We bought one picked in a dill marinade and our plan was also to buy a plain one and do our own marinade for it. However, we got this slightly wrong and instead of getting a plain one, we got another flavoured one. I went ahead and attempted to marinate it anyway – in a bit of mayonnaise with some garlic and chives.

When it came to eating it this evening, the dill one was of course as expected, but the “home made” one was a strange mixture of its original flavour and the garlic and chive, so not that successful. Served with some sliced tomato, cucumber and pickle, on some cracker bread. Later I added a dash of cream cheese and mustard too. Not quite as planned, but still delicious.

Jul 14th, 2010

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  1. Lizzie said,

    My favourite thing about going to Ikea is picking up all those little jars of marinated herrings. I LOVE them.
    .-= Lizzie´s last blog ..Smoked Mackerel &amp Broad Bean Salad =-.

  2. Stephen said,

    Lizzie, I love them too, am happy to eat them all the time. I am determined to try to marinate my own again, by getting the right ones and being more successful at it.

  3. LexEat! said,

    I love it when people try to recreate the holiday at home! The girl I sit next to at work has eaten Greek salad every day for 2 weeks b/c it reminds of her holiday in turkey! After going to Sweden i now eat rye bread w smoked salmon for lunch all the time!

  4. baby bro said,
    boona, ave that peoples, i got a saw!!!!

  5. The marinated herrings from IKEA are truly rubbish. I don’t buy them when the ‘proper’ variety are so cheap.

    Get the marinated herrings from Waitrose, and eat them in the society of ‘proper’ rye bread too… the kind with caraway seeds in.

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