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We’re back from our trip to Sweden where Stephen’s team won both their cricket matches. For the first part of the trip we stayed in a small town with only two restaurants, both of which served pizza and kebabs. We therefore ate pizza:


One of the opposition ate kebab pizza (perhaps that’s why they lost):


They also served sauerkraut:


For the last part of the trip we stayed in some cabins on an island and mostly barbequed:



Some much needed fruit, artfully arranged by one of Stephen’s team-mates:


On the last night we went out for dinner and ate pytt i pana, a typically Swedish dish of fried potatoes, onion and bacon served with a fried egg and pickled beetroot and gherkins:


This was one of the best things we ate while we were there and we’ll definitely be trying to recreate it at some point soon. It’s a bit like bubble and squeak, and the principles are definitely the same as it’s basically leftover meat fried with potatoes and onions. Online recipes vary widely, some include vegetables such as peppers and mushrooms but traditionally you would have just used whatever happened to be lying around.

Jul 6th, 2007

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  1. Stephen said,

    We also ate loads of Frankfurter-style processed sausages, smoked salmon (rökt lax), cured salmon (gravad lax) and pickled herring in jars with various types of sauce (Abba brand). Also fruit “soup”, roe spread in a tube and strange vanilla-flavoured, dairy-related spread. I did get to eat Elk in a game stew, which was something I’d wanted to have.

  2. Kerri said,

    We also ate Daim ice creams, which are brilliant and should definitely be available in the UK.

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