Barbecued Steak

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Kerri suggested that as the weather was good today, we should barbecue this evening. A good idea it was too, but I think the weather disagreed with us and it started clouding over.  It was still good enough to barbecue when the time came though.

We’re on a health kick at the moment and I know barbecue doesn’t sound like the healthiest option, but we kept it simple: steak and salad and half a corn cob each. We were famished and ended up steaming the corn while the barbecue heated up and ate it as a starter. It didn’t have that delicious barbecue-corn flavour, but it was tasty anyway and we were too hungry to care.

Then came the steak. A couple of sirloin steaks on the barbecue for a few minutes on each side. The edge of one was looking rather underdone after this so I put them back on for a few more minutes and ended up overcooking them a bit, but it didn’t matter much as they were still really tender and tasty. The steaks were from Marks and Spencer; usually I don’t buy much in the way of food there because so much of it is packaged in ways that irritate me, but as it turns out their steaks were particularly good.

We’re both dying for a glass of wine now after all of that, but that’s not compliant with the health regime sadly.

Aug 1st, 2007

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  1. Jules said,

    *faint* that looks so delicious. What did you have in the salad?

  2. Kerri said,

    Thanks Jules, it was really good. We’d originally got the steaks to stir fry but I’m glad we didn’t as I don’t think the flavour of the meat would have come through so well.

    Salad was: little gem lettuce, carrot, cucumber, celery, cherry tomatoes, radishes, red pepper, orange pepper, walnuts, sesame seeds and toasted hemp seeds.

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