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The weather report claimed that we were going to have sun yesterday and it didn’t work out that way, but we had planned to barbecue so we went ahead.

We started with prawns which we’ve done a few times before and we marinated them in oil, lemon, garlic and chilli as we usually do. Then we had spatchcocked poussins, marinated in oil, lemon, garlic and parsely. The first one that I put onto the barbecue, skin side down, caught alight straight away (which is apparent from the photograph) so I took them off and put them on again a bit later.

With these, we had some potato salad made from Anya potatoes and a dressing of really nice olive oil, parsely and two types of salt – both granulated salt and crunchy rock salt (mmmm crunchy salt) and also a simple garden salad.

We’ll definitely try the poussins again, as they were tasty and moist and it’s great to have a whole bird to yourself. The potato salad was a great success too (mmmm crunchy salt!).

Sep 9th, 2007

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