Japanese Scallops

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Having been to Bincho Yakitori last week and had many very, very delicious Japanese style bits of meat and fish on sticks, we decided to try our own. We tried with scallops and marinated them in soy, honey, sake and a little oil. We lacked a charcoal grill, so cooked them in a frying pan. They were tasty but nowhere near as tasty as those we’d had last week which are definitely something to aspire to. Served with a simple mixed vegetable stir fry.

Oct 2nd, 2007

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  1. Claire said,

    They look & sound really tasty

  2. Richard said,

    They look great – what do you think the difference was between these and the ones you had in the restaurant?

  3. Stephen said,

    Thanks for the comments guys!

    I think that the main difference between these and those at the restaurant was that those at the restaurant were more succulent (i.e we should have cooked these less) and tasted more of the marinade (i.e. we should have marinated them longer). My plan is to cut them in half horizontally next time, to make them thinner but keep them in circles. As they’re thinner, the marinade should penetrate them a little more. Also we could vary the marinade itself.

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