Spaghetti with Parma Ham, Tomatoes and Mozarella

Posted By Kerri

Another looong day at work today but I came home to find Stephen busy in the kitchen. I’d had an idea that the combination of roasted tomatoes, mozarella and parma ham would work well with spaghetti so we picked up the ingredients and put it together tonight. Neither of us had much time to think much further than throwing the ingredients into the pasta and unfortunately it showed in the end result – the flavours worked well but the components should have been smaller. A work in progress I think.

Oct 26th, 2007

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  1. Darren said,

    This looks like a good quick meal to do.

    Is that basil I see?
    And did you use any herbs at all?

  2. Kerri said,

    Thank you 🙂 It was quick and it definitely has potential. We didn’t use basil (that’s rocket and watercress you can see) but we both thought that a handful thrown in at the end would work well.

    Next time I’d chop the mozarella into small pieces and stir that into the pasta first (it went all melty and stringy which is good I think). Then add the roasted tomatoes (or sundried actually) and mix those in with some basil. The parma ham I’d just drape on top of the pasta once served rather than mixing it in.

    We used some olive oil at the end and pepper too.


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