Sea Bass with Savoy Cabbage, Bacon and Beer

Posted By Kerri


While watching Saturday Kitchen this morning we saw Rick Stein cook this dish with cod. It looked good so we thought we’d do it this evening with sea bass.

We fried off some bacon, onions and garlic before adding some beer and cabbage. This was simmered for about 10 minutes before adding some butter. Meanwhile we fried the fish and then added it to the cabbage.

I think this has a lot of potential and should have been good but it was actually quite bitter which must have been the beer. Perhaps we used too much but how were we to know since Rick never gives any indication of the amounts he uses and doesn’t allow the BBC website to publish his recipes.

Jan 5th, 2008

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  1. Lizzie said,

    I’ve often had bitter tasting casseroles or dishes using beer, so as a rule of thumb i generally add half beer and half stock. I love savoy cabbage though, and the combination with bacon, beer and fish sounds so delicious!

  2. Kerri said,

    That’s a good tip Lizzie, thank you.

    We’re also feeling the savoy cabbage love at the moment, it’s so versatile…which is lucky as they can be so enormous!

  3. Pixie said,

    Found his recipe on bbc, in case, you need to refer to in in the future. Still looks quite yummy to me; you’re food pics are brilliant.

  4. Kerri said,

    Thanks Pixie, I did have a quick look yesterday but couldn’t find it.

  5. Tony said,

    When cooking with Beer, wine or tomatoes put a pinch of sugar into the recipe and it stops it becoming bitter!

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