Steamed Sea Bream

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This was based on a Jamie Oliver recipe that was reproduced in the Observer Food Monthly some time last year. The original recipe called for the bream to be fried but in the intersts of being healthy we decided to steam it.

Despite the huge amount of garlic, chilli, ginger, lime, lime leaves, lemongrass and soy that it marinated in the flavour just didn’t permeate the fish and the end result was pretty dull and tasteless.

I’m curious as to how much extra flavour would have been produced if we’d fried the fish, not curious enough to try though I don’t think!

Jan 16th, 2008

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  1. Actually I think the problem may be with the recipe itself. We were treated to another J-O dish by my Mother-in-law, chicken poached in white wine, don’t remember the exact name, and it was also very bland. She’d followed the recipe to the dot, we even double-checked it and indeed it didn’t look right on paper either.

  2. L said,

    What a disappointment!

    I haven’t seen the recipe, but the Chinese steam whole fish a lot, especially around Chinese New Year. My grandmother’s method was to scatter ginger over the fish, then steam. In a bowl, add chillies, shredded spring onion, and a little garlic. then she heated groudnut oil up, then poured this into the bowl (be careful, it spits), and then once the fish is cooked, little cuts are made and the oil is poured over it. It was really delicious.

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