A Sort of Puttanesca

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I had a pasta craving today. I get these often but usually manage to be persuaded by Stephen that there is life outside an entirely carb-based diet. Today however he lost the battle and when he said the magic p word we were all set. But what to do with our spaghetti? In a moment of genius he came up with tonight’s offering (he might have called it a “deconstructed puttanesca” but we’ll gloss over that) and I was on the next bus home ready to start roasting tomatoes.

Stephen picked up some fresh anchovies on the way which we fried off in some olive oil until they had broken down and the vinegary smell had dissipated. Next went in some green and black olives, a handful of capers and some basil. We quickly realised that the slow roasting tomatoes were indeed roasting slowly so abandoned that plan and threw them into the pot too. Some seasoning, a little more basil and we were ready to eat.

It did taste a lot like puttanesca but was lighter and fresher which we put down to the lack of chilli and the way it was cooked. We both enjoyed it and I’m sure we’ll make it again, perhaps next time the craving hits.

Jan 24th, 2008

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  1. Amateur Cook said,

    Great. Now you’ve got me craving it was well! Sounds delish.

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