Guinea Fowl

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We’ve cooked guinea fowl a few times before but only as part of another dish; casserole or pie usually. While I was at the butcher last week I noticed they had some lovely looking guinea fowl so we decided to have one for dinner this evening.

We started by browning the guinea fowl and removing it a plate. Next we fried off some streaky bacon before adding some onion, celery and garlic and sweating it for about ten minutes. We added the guinea fowl back to the casserole dish and threw in some carrots and leek, a bay leaf and some sage, a splash of white wine and also some chicken stock. We brought it to the boil and then transferred it to the oven where it cooked for about an hour and fifteen minutes.

We served it with some green cabbage, mashed potatoes and mashed swede. It was a great dish, easy to prepare and full of flavour. While cooking it had a gamey smell to it but this disappeared by the time the dish was finished.

It struck me while we were eating that this is a great alternative to chicken; it’s slightly smaller and has a stronger flavour but I think it would work well in place of chicken.

Jan 27th, 2008

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  1. Antonia said,

    Great way to cook guinea fowl – how delicious! I did something similar with pheasants recently and really enjoyed it.

  2. Pixie said,

    Never had guinea fowl, it looks and sounds wonderful!

    Oh and I’m going to try to recruit you two into the Daring Bakers. Yes, I know you’re on a diet but you’re allowed to change recipe to suit your dietary needs and think of how pleased your friends will be to reserve such tasty desserts. 🙂 Have I convinced you yet???

  3. Stephen said,

    That wasn’t a very good photograph of the guinea fowl, but at least it tasted good 🙂

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