Mozarella and Roasted Peppers

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We haven’t done very much in the way of cooking this week and unfortunately this weekend wasn’t much of an exception. We cooked spaghetti bolognaise on Friday night which was lovely but not very original or photogenic. We went out for both lunch and dinner on Saturday; lunch at Hummus Bros on Wardour Street (an interesting concept but I didn’t much like the hummus) and dinner at our local tapas bar in the evening where we ate Jamon, Machego, whitebait and calamari.

After gathering together the necessary ingredients for today’s dinner we had a quick lunch of brown bread, Mozarella and roasted peppers. It was really good but I think we could have made better peppers – we bought these from Waitrose.

Feb 3rd, 2008

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  1. Pixie said,

    This is my kind of food- perfect lunch! (my goodness, i’ve been missing out on a lot of your posts!!!)

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