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While shopping earlier I happened across these beautiful looking macaroons, I bought one of each colour for us to eat this evening (plus one to eat on the way home!) and after this evenings earlier disappointment I’m glad I did. The pink one was raspberry, the white vanilla and the brown coffee; we both liked the coffee best. It’s hard to describe the texture if you haven’t had them before, they’re essentially meringuey with a sticky, gooey inside and a fondant centre.

I’ve had these before from Paul but the ones I really want to try are from Laduree, I could try making them myself but these are so good (and only 40p each from my local deli) that I think I’ll leave it to the experts this time.

We’re off to Scotland tomorrow so our posts probably won’t be so regular for the next week, we’re both really excited about the food that’s on offer though so hope to post something exciting when we get back.

Feb 15th, 2008

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  1. Jules said,

    I’ve never seen such beautiful macaroons!

  2. Kerri said,

    Beautiful aren’t they? I only wish I could make something as wonderful!

  3. L said,

    I’ve never had a macaroon before but after reading this (slightly unhinged?) article and seeing your great picture I feel i MUST have one asap. Enjoy Scotland!

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