Lamb Chops and Sauteed Potatoes

Posted By Stephen

We seem to have had lamb rather often lately and in the interests of cooking varied meals, I should have chosen something else when I found myself in an indecisive mood in the butcher’s. But the new season spring lamb was too good to resist and I ended up leaving with two double loin chops.

We seasoned them simply with salt and pepper and pan fried them. To accompany them we made sauteed potatoes, leeks and some steamed asparagus. The potatoes and leeks were really good, but the asparagus was disappointing; we haven’t had much luck with asparagus lately.

The leeks turned out quite well; sometimes we braise leeks in the oven with lemon and it takes about 45 minutes, but we got a similar effect by sweating the leeks until soft, then seasoning with salt and pepper and adding some butter and a squeeze of lemon.

I love the colours in this photograph; reminiscent of old colour printing from the sixties.

May 17th, 2008

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  1. Jules said,

    I don’t blame you for eating lots of lamb at this time of year as spring lamb is scrumptious and to team it with asparagus is even better.

  2. Stephen said,

    Jules, yes it’s very hard to resist; lamb is one of my favourites anyway. And as we’re all for eating seasonal produce, we should just “go with it” 🙂

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