Lamb Rump and Champ

Posted By Kerri

We had lots of potatoes and cabbage to use up this week and when we found some spring onions lurking in the fridge, the sensible option seemed to be to make champ. It’s a rather wintery dish for this time of year but it worked brilliantly with the lamb. The spring onions really complimented the sweetness of the new season lamb and the cabbage gave it an extra bite.

It also meant we got to use the griddle pan again which gave us some nice stripes and helped to char the outside of the lamb.

Jun 18th, 2008

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  1. Stephen said,

    I attempted to create a criss-cross pattern by rotating the lamb halfway through cooking, but it just ended up blurring the existing stripes rather than making new ones. Will have to try more carefully next time.

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