Pasta Puttanesca

Posted By Kerri

Like yesterday’s green curry, this is something we eat a lot so finding something interesting to say about it and making it look attractive on the plate is a challenge. Every time I eat it though I can’t help but wonder why it took us so long to discover it, how can you go wrong with the combination of anchovies, olives, capers, garlic, chilli, basil and tomato? I guess we’re making up for lost time, hence its regular appearance.

We made it up on Sunday because although it’s really easy to make, it does benefit from a long and slow simmer. Our version is based on Delia’s, it’s the first one we tried and we both love it so see no reason to deviate. We did add some extra chilli this time though and left the capers whole which gave a lovely ‘bursting’ sensation in the mouth.

And we weren’t quite as stingy with the sauce as this photograph would suggest, there was some left in the saucepan that made it’s way onto the plate pretty soon after the photograph was taken.

Sep 2nd, 2008

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  1. Rachel said,

    What a coincidence, I just made this too!
    You can’t beat anchovy and capers in anything, especially pasta.

  2. kittie said,

    Mmmm – I love putta-pasta! I’ve been meaning to make it for ages – I might write it on the back of my hand to make later! 😉

  3. Antonia said,

    This is one of my favourite pasta dishes too – so flavoursome.

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