Stir Fried Scallops

Posted By Stephen

A recent comment on this post made us remember that we’d really loved this recipe and should cook it again.

We put in quite a few vegetables this time – green beans, baby corn and some shredded cabbage to use up what was in the fridge. It didn’t look as good because the pale cabbage made it look a little washed out, and it didn’t taste as good either because with all those vegetables thrown in the sauce was diluted (we should have upped the sauce quantity!).

It was still good though, especially with an added splash of soy sauce after serving, but not as brilliant as last time.

Sep 11th, 2008

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  1. kittie said,

    Thanks for reposting – and the tip about upping the sauce. I have a habit of chucking in as many veg as I can when making stirfries too!

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