Chicken with Butter Beans and Chorizo

Posted By Kerri

We’d planned to have this for lunch yesterday but changed our plans as the weather was so good. The chicken needed to be used up though so we cooked it anyway and just re-heated it this evening. It was really tasty and very easy to cook, it could easily be done after work…as long as you remember to soak the beans in advance 🙂

If we make it again then I think I’d adapt the original recipe so that the chicken was chopped up into smaller pieces.

Sep 15th, 2008

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  1. Sylvie said,

    I bookmarked the recipe to try. Looks like a great, warming comfort meal.

  2. Kerri said,

    I hope you enjoy it Sylvie 🙂

  3. kittie said,

    This is the kind of dish I’d make loads of and have for dinner one night, then lunch the next day! I bet it gets better with age!

    Lovely 🙂

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