Butternut and Parsnip Risotto

Posted By Stephen

For a while now, Kerri has been going on about risotto. In a good way though. She initially mentioned butternut squash risotto, which I thought would be excellent with some added sage. At some point she changed her mind to parsnip risotto, but I managed eventually to persuade her that making risotto with both parsnip and butternut in it would be a good autumnal dish. As it turned out, we ended up adding thyme as we have some in the garden.

It was a fairly typical risotto recipe. We cut the butternut and parsnip into bite-sized chunks and roasted them in the oven with some olive oil, salt and pepper and a dusting of nutmeg. Then when the risotto was almost done, we added them and stirred them in, along with a big handful of grated parmesan.

The result was rather good (which is a good thing after all that stirring…) and the pieces of parsnip and butternut were tasty additions.

Sep 22nd, 2008

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  1. Lizzie said,

    Butternut squash and parnsips (and sweet potatoes) are so far the only vegetables that I haven’t been able to convince myself that I like, but your risotto still looks mouth-watering!

  2. Kerri said,

    I didn’t like parsnips when I was small and butternut and sweet potatoes were far too exotic to make an appearance in our house. It took me a while to learn how to like them as generally I don’t like sweet and savoury combinations.

    Butternut works really well with chorizo, the sweetness of the butternut compliments the gentle sweetness in the chorizo but the chorizo is meaty enough to stand up to it. Perhaps that’s a combination that would work for you?

  3. Rachel said,

    I’m only just coming round to all the ‘sweet’ vegetables too. Mostly they benefit from something spicy and savoury. Butternut squash and sage is divine, parsnips roasted with paprika and chilli powder is also delicious.

    And sweet potato, what’s not to like? Makes brilliant mash and potato wedges…

  4. Lizzie said,

    Thanks for the suggestions, I love chorizo so I’ll give it a go.

    I’ve tried sweet potato every which way and I have decided it must be the food of Satan. 🙁

  5. Stephen said,

    I used to really dislike sweet potato because my dad used to put them into the barbecue without any foil on them. The outside would get completely charred of course, and I could never keep the black bits out of the non-black bits when eating them and they’d get black bits all over everything else on my plate too.

    I slowly got used to the idea of having them not completely blackened and have warmed to them over the years since then.

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