Indian Herby Lamb Chops and Spinach Pilaf

Posted By Kerri

Although we somehow missed the television show, we recently purchased Anjum Anand’s “Indian Food Made Easy” after drooling over it in the book shop. I haven’t really eaten a lot of Indian food but Stephen is a big fan and has been encouraging me to acquaint myself with the cuisine and learn about the methods and spicing combinations. I find cooking the dishes at home really helps me to understand the flavours and seeing how the dish is put together gives me confidence when trying something new.

This was a relatively straightforward dish to cook, there are a lot of curries in the book which look and sound delicious but obviously require more preparation, marinading and cooking. We chose this because we didn’t have much time this evening and also because we have a long-standing love for lamb.

As it turned out, I was late home and Stephen did most of the cooking so the whole cooking it myself thing I referred to earlier didn’t really apply. It didn’t matter though as I really enjoyed both the flavours and the texture of the lamb; aromatic and slightly sweet combined with a background flavour of chilli and a sticky, rich sauce that generously coated the chops. The pilaf was the perfect accompaniment: slightly crunchy rice flavoured with spinach, cardamom and cumin. Pretty good for a Wednesday night.

Oct 15th, 2008

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  1. Lizzie said,

    Beautiful presentation – i loooooe lamb chops!

  2. Mrs Ergül said,

    Wooooooo Nice!!! This lamb looks very appetitizing and I’m sure the spinach pilaf compliments it so well 🙂

  3. This picture is truly mouth-watering!

  4. Stephen said,

    Thanks everyone. It turned out, as the title suggests, to be more herby (lots of coriander and mint) than spicy, with just a subtle background heat to it from whole chillis that were put in and then taken out.

    We bought a bottle of dry NZ gewurtztraminner recently and that would have gone very well with this, but we’re on a semi-health kick at the moment and neither of us “blinked”, so we didn’t open the wine. We’ll try it with another of her recipes this weekend I suspect.

  5. Helen said,

    Those look like some damn fine lamb chops to me! Plenty of herby action too, delish.

  6. Grumblemouse said,

    Maxiumum noms

  7. Niamh said,

    Wow! These look sensational.

  8. Kerri said,

    Thanks everyone, they were very good indeed.

  9. kittie said,

    Great photo!

    Also a massive lamb fan – these are making my mouth water…!

  10. Happy Cook said,

    I saw this series last year and i thought i was wonderful.
    Lamp chops look yummy

  11. Baby Bro said,

    Is that a rectangle plate or a square one at a great angle! They dont look to boney either, i hate lamb chops with all bone and little meat! ttfn

  12. Kerri said,

    Thanks Happy and kittie 🙂

    It is a rectangular plate, oh brother of mine. The meat to bone ratio wasn’t too bad but I definitely could have eaten more.

  13. Antonia said,

    What a great shot! These look delicious. I’m not a fan of mint, but could give these a try with a different herb combination perhaps. Very restrained not to open the NZ gewurz – hope you enjoy it over the weekend!

  14. Kerri said,

    I don’t think you’d particularly notice the mint Antonia, let me know if you want the recipe.

  15. I like the look of this! It is not often that you see Indian recipes that involve chops of cuts of meet like this. I hate the stereotype that it is all curries and sauces etc. Looks like it would be pretty straightforward to make as well!

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