Braised Oxtail

Posted By Stephen

I’m not sure if I’ve eaten oxtail before (apart from the famous Heinz soup) and neither of us have ever cooked it, so when I spotted some at the butcher last week I thought I should rectify that.

We did some research and came across Nigel Slater’s recipe which we used today. Of course, we missed the part that said we were supposed to cook it the day before we ate it so just skipped that and left it to cool for a couple of hours instead.

It was a good dish, rich in taste and velvety in texture. It did prove a little tricky to eat mind you but I’m sure that’s something we could rectify with practice.

Dec 7th, 2008

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  1. Nate said,

    I have a hankering for some braised oxtail now. Thanks!

    Nate’s last blog post..Merry Christmas from House of Annie

  2. BreadintheBone said,

    Braised oxtail is one of the easiest, cheapest and most comforting winter foods I can think of, and oxtail soup comes close behind (with a dollop of sherry added just before serving. Yum.) However, oxtail can be fatty and messy to debone. Still, I’m always glad to see people trying it! I really missed it when all beef products attached to the spine were removed from supermakets and butchers after the foot&mouth debacle.

  3. Nate said,

    We went ahead and made a braised oxtail dish the other night. We actually did go ahead and let it sit in the fridge overnight to get better. So good. Really hit the spot. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Nate’s last blog post..Pandan Chiffon Cake

  4. Kerri said,

    That’s good to know Nate, we’ll try that next time!

  5. Becky said,

    Oh yes lovely Oxtail only made it once ( more than two years ago – thank you blog memory) . Found it very difficult to photogrpah but you have made yours look lovely an inspiration as ever

    Becky’s last blog post..Clementine and Almond Cake

  6. Kerri said,

    That’s one of my least favourite pictures Becky, it’s so hard to get it looking attractive!

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