Roast Chicken

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As I’ve mentioned numerous times before, this is one of our favourite dishes and seemed a fitting start to the new year. The jars of goose fat sitting in the fridge (leftover from our pre-Christmas dinner) needed some attention and I’ve been craving roast potatoes since Boxing Day.

Last New Year’s Day, we bravely attempted a three bird roast. Brave in that it’s a fairly tricky dish to master and especially so when you have matching hangovers. Luckily we’re hangover-free this year but a simple and comforting meal is always welcome.

We didn’t do anything particularly exciting aside from the anchovy butter that accompanies the broccolli, it’s inspired by our visit to the Hinds Head earlier this week and provided an interesting contrast to the plainer meat and potatoes.  It wasn’t a complete success though, probably better suited to some grilled fish.

Jan 1st, 2009

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  1. Mrs Ergül said,

    i love roast chicken too! I love to entertain with this too!

  2. Cheese said,

    The simplest things are always the best. Roast chicken is possibly my favourite thing in the whole world. In fact, chicken in all it’s guises. It’s actually a wonder that I haven’t grown feathers myself!

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