Chorizo and Beans

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When I started cooking this I intended for it to become a soup. I didn’t follow a particular recipe but took inspiration from Jenny Chandler’s “The Food of Northern Spain” and Jonathan’s Chorizo, butterbean and passata stew. The end result was closer to Jonathan’s dish as I left it to reduce right down until it was sticky and thick.

I started by slowly sweating off some onion before adding (rather too much) parprika and some garlic. Next in went the chorizo which fried away until tender and then in went the haricot beans. At this point I added some wine (in retrospect, this wasn’t needed), stock and tomatoes and left it to cook away for about 45 minutes.

We ate it heaped onto some brilliant Gail’s bread and, despite my heavy-handed attitude with the paprika, we both loved it. It would be great with some other, lighter tapas dishes too.

Jan 24th, 2009

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  1. Neil said,

    That looks like manna from heaven, I could imagine eating that on a nice sourdough or wheaten bread.

    Is there such a thing as too much paprika? Surely not!

    Neil’s last blog post..Toad In The Hole

  2. Jonathan said,

    Looks gorgeous. I can almost smell the smoked paprika and feel the comfort just by looking at it. I think you were right to go with bread. Mash and veg really isn’t needed.

    Great photo as ever.

    Jonathan’s last blog post..Dish Dash – Slap Dash

  3. Kerri said,

    The extra paprika made it pretty hot Neil. It wasn’t unpleasant but a little less would have allowed the sweetness of the chorizo to shine through better I think.

    Thanks Jonathan, I think it would be great with mashed potatoes. Vegetables might healthy it up a bit too!

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