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Friday night is pizza night! Not always, but sometimes. This was one of those sometimes. Often we have fantastic success with pizza, but this wasn’t one of those times.

Keeping in mind last time where the dough was very sticky, we added a bit more flour this time, but it just made the base rather doughy and it didn’t crisp up much, tasting rather flat. Given that the pizzas that we made from the sticky dough last time actually tasted rather good, maybe we just need to practice working with it rather than playing with the recipe.

Trying to do something different to usual (usual is usually salami or ham, sometimes with olives or artichokes or sundried tomatoes), we made a Fiorentina pizza with spinach, pine nuts and an egg. Nice idea, but it didn’t taste like a lot – I blame the dough. We also had a plain Margherita.

One thing that was good though was the brilliant mozzarella. We really love the one that we usually get (Fattorie Garofalo), but Kerri found a different one (La buona cremeria di Nonna Vincenza) in an Italian deli today and it was even better. Yum. Maybe even worth having a failed pizza to discover it.

We drank a rather nice Vacqueyras Blanc with this. White Vacqueyras is just one percent of the Vacqueyras production, which I why I bought it – for interest sake and the fact that I rather like Rhone whites and this should be a bit more refined than some of them. I had an idea it would go well with pizza, being fully flavoured with savoury notes and a slight smokiness, but still acidic enough to match up to tomato sauce. It didn’t work that well, but I think that was the pizza’s fault rather than the wine.

Jan 30th, 2009

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  1. Baby Bro said,

    This looks good, maybe with baked beans, bangers, bacon on a fried slice next time? Also a small cruet set as a backdrop would improve presentation! maybe make that your ‘thing’. just a thought.

  2. God, that so is the real deal. I hate it when you order a fiorentina at a restaurant, and it arrives with a couple of spinach leaves draped artfully over it…

    aforkfulofspaghetti’s last blog post..a box of treats…

  3. Sylvie said,

    You’d never guess that it wasn’t so good from looking at it. I love Pizza Fiorentina

    Sylvie’s last blog post..Marmorkuchen for Lucy (Marble Cake)

  4. Neil said,

    You say that it may not have tasted great, but it certainly looks the part.

    Yearning for Pizza now.

    Neil’s last blog post..Scallops, Salsa & Healthy Too!

  5. Antonia said,

    That Vacqueyras is delicious, I agree. And nice to see that you got it from the very best source (!)
    I should definitely have a try at making my own pizza soon – I’m sorry this one wasn’t a winner on this occasion. It looks terrific if that is any consolation!

    Antonia’s last blog post..Smoked trout and leek fritatta

  6. Helen said,

    Did you put enough salt in your dough – perhaps a bit more might lift it? I always put a bit of sugar in too. I don’t know if you are already doing this…I must say, the pizza looks fantastic even if it didn’t taste that great!

    Helen’s last blog post..Fast Food and Drink Stories.

  7. Kerri said,

    We put sugar in with yeast Helen, but will try upping the salt next time. Thanks for the tip.

    If you don’t mind all the kneading then making pizza can be fun Antonia. The best part is experimenting with toppings though.

    Thanks Neil 🙂

    This was Stephen’s pizza Sylvie as I don’t like eggs, it’s one of his favourites too though.

    AFOS – nothing artful about this!

    A breakfast pizza is a great idea!

  8. Mrs Ergül said,

    Call me slow! I just noticed that this post is written by ‘Stephan’, I scrolled up and down and I no longer see ‘Fred’ or ‘Ginger’. I panicked thinking somebody else had taken over ‘your business’. Fortunately, I went over to ‘About Us’ and read about the change! Phew! I’m glad it is still ‘Fred’ and ‘Ginger’, just that you two are now in your true identity!

    Mrs Ergül’s last blog post..Jen’s Roast Chicken

  9. Lizzie said,

    Yum! It looks great, even if it didn’t taste that way. Did you put slivers of garlic under the spinach? I find that helps.

    Lizzie’s last blog post..Indian-Spiced Lamb Chops

  10. Kerri said,

    We decided to make the change quietly Mrs Ergul but it’s still us!

    We didn’t Lizzie but that’s a good idea, thanks.

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