Chicken Stir-Fry

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As happens pretty often on a Monday, we planned to eat leftovers from yesterday’s roast only to find that there wassn’t actually anything left over. A quick scramble through the freezer revealed very little in the way of inspiration, other than one, small, sad looking chicken breast. I braved the rain this afternoon to buy another one so that we could make a quick stir-fry.

I started off by marinating the chicken pieces in some lime juice, soy sauce, fish sauce and sesame oil. I also added some garlic, lemongrass and chilli. Looking back at other posts, I realised I should have made a paste with the dry ingredients but it was too late by that point. I got round this by removing the chicken from the marinade after about 45 minutes and frying off some minced garlic and finely chopped chilli instead.

Next in was the chicken, some more lemongrass and some ginger. After that had cooked through, we removed it to a plate before adding the vegetables (baby corn, red pepper and spring onion) and cooking for about five minutes. In went some additional soy sauce and fish sauce too.

It worked out well considering it wasn’t very well planned, we need to increase the lemongrass next time though and perhaps throw in some lime leaves at the end.

Feb 9th, 2009

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  1. Sylvie said,

    That looks lovely and light and fresh.

    Sylvie’s last blog post..Spicy Bean and Potato Soup

  2. Lizzie said,

    That looks really tasty. I always forget about Thai flavours in stir-fries. Have you tried velveting chicken?

    Lizzie’s last blog post..Loh Bak Goh – Chinese Radish Cake

  3. Mrs Ergül said,

    yes! the addition of lime leaves will definitely heighten the Thai
    flavours in this dish!

    indeed a good attempt considering the fact that this isn’t planned!

    Mrs Ergül’s last blog post..January Daring Bakers Challenge – Tuiles

  4. Donna said,

    Oh, this looks delicious, definitely something I’ll try.

    Donna’s last blog post..Oreos ‘n Cream Cake

  5. Kerri said,

    Thanks Sylvie, it was actually quite a hearty dish in the end, probably because of all the chilli and soy sauce.

    I’ve not tried velveting chicken, Lizzie, have you? It looks interesting.

    Thanks Mrs Ergul!

    I hope you like it, Donna.

  6. Ros said,

    I always think ‘ll have left overs on Monday but either don’t fancy them or absent mindedly eat half of them while getting ready for work on Monday morning. Stir fries are always a great quick option anad this one sounds very tasty.

    Ros’s last blog post..Exotic

  7. Kerri said,

    Thanks Ros, we’ve bought an extra large piece of pork tomorrow so determined are we to have leftovers on Monday!

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