Slow Roast Pork Shoulder

Posted By Kerri


I know, it looks dry doesn’t it? It was a little dry but not quite as bad as the photograph suggests. We didn’t follow a recipe for this and really should have as it didn’t turn out as well as it could have.

We slow roasted the pork on top of some vegetables for six hours. What we should have done is slow roasted it and added the vegetables for the last hour, then we would have been able to make some really good gravy. As it turned out, the vegetables burnt and dried out so we had to throw them away and make the gravy from scratch which wasn’t as good as it could have been.

We didn’t even have any crackling to make up for it because we felt a little disillusioned by the time the pork was cooked and ended up throwing the potentially crisp and juicy skin away.

Don’t let this put you off though because, if you follow the “should-have-done” method, you’ll get deliciously moist pork with great crackling for very little effort.

Feb 16th, 2009

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  1. Stephen said,

    It was a little dry, but at the same time it was tender and fally-aparty. It reminded me a bit of spit-roast pork, or American style “pulled pork”. The two slices on the plate are the only actual “slices” that we managed to cut; the rest of it fell apart quite easily and refused to be sliced.

    It just needed a generous pour of gravy (which we didn’t have due to the reasons Kerri mentioned in the post) or a big dollop of apple sauce, which we didn’t have either. I had some on a sandwich for lunch today though and it was good.

  2. Sharon J said,

    I actually think it looks delicious and have nothing against pork shoulder being a little on the dry side as long as it’s tender. I like the tip about the veggies, I’ll remember that one.

    As for those roasties….. bring ’em on 🙂

    Sharon J’s last blog post..Karmic Debt

  3. Katie said,

    It looks lovely. I have a big thing for the darker edge cut of meat. I always nab the end bit, so much tastier than the rest. Yours has me salivating. Yum!!

    Katie xox

    Katie’s last blog post..Whisk Wednesday Winter Swap

  4. Darren said,

    I think the camera will make the food look a little drier than it is in reality.

    I read somewhere that professional food photographers prefer the food to be slightly undercooked as it looks better in the photo.

    Not that I’m suggesting you do the same. 🙂

  5. Stephen said,

    Sharon, thank you, it was tender, just needed some gravy or sauce which we were in short supply of unfortunately!

    Thanks Katie, that end piece was delicious indeed. There were a few bits like that left amongst the leftovers for me to have in a sandwich today. Yum.

    Darren, thanks for the tip… if we don’t post for a few days due to food poisoning from eating undercooked food then that will be the reason 🙂

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