Hamburgers and Chips

Posted By Kerri


Having decided on hamburgers for dinner, we started thinking about what kind of meat to use. A quick Google search suggested chuck steak was the best option and luckily enough the butcher had some and was happy to mince it for me. I asked him if he would recommend any other cuts but he said this was perfect for hamburgers as there was a decent amount of fat to keep everything moist.

As we hadn’t used chuck steak before and wanted to really taste the meat, I kept the seasonings fairly simple, just a little parsley, some salt and pepper and a splash of mushroom ketchup. On reflection, I think the hamburgers could have benefitted from something else, mustard perhaps.

These were quite fat so we fried them for five minutes on either side which left them about medium, it occured to us that we probably could have got away with a leaner cut afterall since we didn’t cook the hamburgers all the way through. They were good though, moist but not oily and fully flavoured; ever so slightly challenging for me to eat with my wonky mouth mind you!

Feb 19th, 2009

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  1. Lizzie said,

    Hope you’ve recovered from your ordeal! (perhaps a little chopped shallot?) I am of the opinion that those plastic cheese slices are the one and on,y for burgers!

    Lizzie’s last blog post..Rabbit in a Cream & Mustard Sauce

  2. Su-Lin said,

    Oooh, is that a seasoned salt on your chips?

    Su-Lin’s last blog post..South Indian Food at Sagar

  3. Mrs Ergül said,

    Hey Kerri! I hope you’re already feeling better! I love that fat thick fries! I am not good at buying beef (and lamb) but I will really like to give this a try!

  4. Jules said,

    mmmmmmmm both the chips and burger looks delicous. Good to hear your slowly beginning to feel better.

    Jules’s last blog post..River Cottage Adventure – part 2

  5. Alex said,

    I’m jealous that you have a decent, helpful butcher at hand! And I’m also quite jealous of those chips – they look perfect…

  6. Rob said,

    Did you make the chips yourself? they look rather tasty if so!

  7. Katie said,

    Oh yum! I love home made burgers. Stuffing them with cheese makes for the best meal ever!

    Now I really want a burger!

    Katie xox

    Katie’s last blog post..Oh, you naughty Macaracoon!

  8. Boo said,

    Your burger and chips both look incredible and your pictures are beautiful. You’ve inspired me to make horseradish mash this week and I was amazed to see you’d done burgers on the very day I planned to do the same! I love your blog. Like Su-Lin, I’m also wondering if that’s seasoned salt you used?

  9. Kerri said,

    I failed to mention in my original post that the chips were oven chips! A huge cheat but we don’t have a deep fat fryer to make our own chips in…yet.

  10. Will said,

    MMMMM! Reposted the picture!

    Tonight’s gonna be great…

    Will’s last blog post..Friday Afternoon Food Fix

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