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Last year, a friend of Stephen’s brought us back a tin of Dulce de Leche from Argentina and it’s been sitting in our cupboard ever since, very much like those bottles of wine that are given to you as gifts and are too good for every day drinking. Tonight felt like the perfect time to crack open the tin and

As good as we knew it would be, we realised we weren’t going to be able to eat the whole tin so decided on some other flavours:

– Lemon and vanilla sugar (this was more by luck than anything, I went all Jamie Oliver at some point and stuck some old vanilla pods in a jar of sugar)
– Rosewater and orange syrup (the orange syrup has been in the fridge since we made candied orange peel from the leftover marmalade peels)
– Orange syrup and ice-cream (this is taking up valuable space in the freezer and isn’t all that good)

All the combinations worked well, the Dulce de Leche was just as good as we knew it would be, but I think the traditional lemon and sugar was the winner.

Feb 24th, 2009

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  1. Mrs Ergül said,

    This is interesting! It actually reminds me of roti prata which we usually dip in (fish or chicken) curry or in sugar. Of course I favour the savoury dip much more than the sweet offer.

  2. Lizzie said,

    I also made pancakes, American ones which I smeared with Nutella and also some with maple syrup and walnuts. They made my teeth ache.

    Lizzie’s last blog post..Rabbit in a Cream & Mustard Sauce

  3. Nate said,

    They look like crepes to me. Is there a difference?

    Nate’s last blog post..Malaysian Honeycomb Cake Recipe

  4. Stephen said,

    Nate, they are the same as crepes. Pancakes come in various shapes and sizes, but these thin ones are just the same as crepes. They’re called pancakes in the UK, unless they are French (or pretending to be French) in which case they are called crepes 🙂

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