Chicken wrapped in Parma Ham

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I wasn’t particularly excited about this but we had two leftover chicken breasts following yesterday’s green curry and were stuck for something else to do with them.  I’d love to say that it turned out brilliantly but unfortunately it didn’t.  We seasoned the chicken breasts with pepper and parmesan cheese before wrapping them in Parma ham and baking them in the oven for 25 minutes.  They weren’t dry but just a bit dull, even with the parmesan and the ham it still felt like eating a boring chicken breast.  The sauteed potatoes were good though.

Mar 10th, 2009

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  1. James said,

    You could make a pocket in the chicken before you wrap it & stuff it – oven/ sun dried tomatoes, cheese, mozarella, basil, sage, apricots, spinach, mushrooms – any of those (not all together of course) would be nice. The parma ham wrapped around holds it all together.

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  2. Pixie_S said,

    I cook something similar to this, but with a slight difference. It always goes down well…… chop some sundried tomatoes and mix with pesto, and spread this on the parma ham before wrapping it around the chicken. I sometimes make a slice into the centre of the chicken fillet for some goats cheese. It makes it a bit more interesting.

  3. June said,

    You might also try coating chicken breast in dijon mustard, sprinkle with chopped basil, then wrap in parma ham. I also do large shrimp this way and put them on skewers & then grill. Yumm!

  4. Louise said,

    Agree with James … some apricots in the middle would have been delicious – maybe with a light gravy as well.

  5. sophie said,

    this is a favourite dish, try slitting the middle and filling with saint agur cheese for a tangy twist! serve with sauteed potatoes in thyme and garlic, and green beans, glass of white wine….. delicious :0)

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