Cottage Pie with Two Cuts of Beef

Posted By Kerri


This doesn’t really give a good idea of the quantity but this was enough cottage pie to feed 12 people.  It seemed like a good option for catering on a large-ish scale but as we don’t have any catering-sized pans, it ended up taking us nearly all day as we carefully browned each batch of meat before leaving the whole lot simmering in two stock pots for four hours.

We used the same recipe as last time but left out the calves liver.  We also added some garlic and milk.  The result was possibly even richer than last time, most likely from the milk and extra cooking time.

As much as I enjoyed it, I don’t think I’ll be wanting to eat cottage pie for quite some time!

Mar 30th, 2009

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  1. Louis Harris-Simmonds said,

    And where have I tried this before…. 😉

  2. Kerri said,

    Hehe 🙂

  3. YOUR MUM said,

    This was so good. The added beef made such a difference.

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