Corned Beef – The Story Begins

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As you might imagine, I read a lot of food blogs but mostly UK based ones. There are an awful lot of American sites but their seasons are different and so is their produce and it all seems so far away from what’s happening here. I can never remember what arugula is and I don’t really care about baking for the ball game but sometimes I find myself landing on an American site and being pleasantly surprised. This is what happened when I started searching for traditional St Patrick’s Day recipes and I found myself inundated with Americans talking about corned beef and cabbage.

I love corned beef but I just can’t bring myself to eat it anymore. As soon as I started to care more about where food came from and study ingredients lists, I had to give it up. But I really miss toasted corned beef and mustard sandwiches.

The American version is not the same as the corned beef we know in the UK, in fact, it should probably be more accurately called salt beef. I love that too though, especially on a toasted bagel which is why we decided to give it a go ourselves. It’s going to take 10 days though so, for now, here’s a picture of the salt and spice mix.

Apr 5th, 2009

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  1. James said,

    I was a little horrified too when I saw all this talk of corned beef and cabbage – thinking of something like corned beef hash. But the fact that it is salt beef makes one, well, ‘awesome’ dish.

  2. Kerri said,

    I’m quite keen to try a kind of hash with the leftovers actually, I think they’d work well with some sauteed potatoes at least.

  3. Becky said,

    Oh Teasing

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