Lamb Chops and Minted Pea Puree

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We spent most of last Saturday cooking for a family lunch the following day and, as a result, neither of us have felt much like cooking recently which is why things have been a bit quiet around here.

After a day of catching up with friends and watching the Grand National, neither of us were particularly in the mood again but I’m really glad we managed to force ourselves into the kitchen as these lamb chops were incredible.

Before we went out, we marinated them in a mixture of oil, lemon juice, thyme, garlic, salt and pepper.  A few minutes in the pan and they were done, served with a minted pea puree (a cheats version, just the peas with some water, mint and seasoning) and some sauteed potatoes.  We also made some gravy by simply de-glazing the pan with some red wine to capture all the flavourings that were left behind.

We were lucky that we started with some really good meat which would have been tasty enough without the additional aromatics.  The oil and salt did a great job of tenderising the meat and the extra flavours turned what would have been a good meal and turn into a great one.

Apr 5th, 2009

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  1. Katie said,

    Wow, those potatoes look absolutely delicious, with the crispy bits on them! That whole meal looks really yummy. 🙂

    Katie’s last blog post..Some Housekeeping…

  2. Mrs Ergül said,

    The lamb chops are calling out to me!

  3. katie said,

    Oh dear! That looks amazing and now I’m utterly starving. Yum!!

    Katie xox

    katie’s last blog post..Coffee frog recommends the biscotti

  4. Kerri said,

    Thank you 🙂

    These were definitely the best lamb chops we’ve had for a while, I think we’ll experiment with some different marinades because it seemed to really make a difference.

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