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We’ve been having some re-decoration done on our flat this week which has meant we’ve been living with lots of dust and disruption since Monday.  Despite this, we’ve still managed to eat fairly well but last night we gave in and decided to order a takeaway.  I was ridiculously over-excited about this prospect as, apart from the very occasional pizza, we never eat takeaway food.  We’re lucky enough to live near a number of reasonable restaurants but most of them don’t deliver, faced with going out to collect the food and bring it home again we usually opt to just eat out.  Last night we were tired from having put the flat back together again though so it seemed like the perfect opportunity.


One of the only restaurants that does deliver is Bombay Bicycle Club, so that’s what we went for.  I ordered a lamb bhuna with garlic naan and Stephen chose a chicken biryani.  Mine was really good, very fresh but definitely a dish that had been cooked for a long time on a low heat.  Full of flavour but not so spicy that you couldn’t taste the gentle spicing.


Stephen wasn’t so impressed with his dish and I definitely found the taste I had to be slightly bland.  It was perfectly edible (and there was loads of it!) but just not that exciting.  Aside from that, it made a really nice change to eat good food at home without having to spend hours preparing it, or washing up afterwards.

Apr 9th, 2009

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  1. Alex said,

    Take out is always a treat which I get overly excited about too!

  2. Boo said,

    The naan looks good. Planning a spot of decorating too over the Easter weekend and am lucky enough to live just 2 doors away from the excellent Tiffin Tin in Tufnell Park. Almost an excuse to detroy the kitchen!

  3. Antonia said,

    I get quite excited about a rare takeaway too! I haven’t tried Bombay Bicycle Club before but keep hearing good things and your lamb dish looks really good. My mouth is actually watering just thinking about it!

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