Trout, Watercress and Potato Salad

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I’ve been eagerly awaiting the first crop of watercress since the weather warmed up. As much as I love cabbage and parsnips and Brussels sprouts, I’m getting a little tired of them now after so many months of relying on them for comforting, hearty dishes. Watercress may seem like a funny thing to be excited about as it doesn’t have a particularly strong flavour but it represents the real start of Spring which is what I’m really happy about. That, and the Jersey Royals, broad beans and asparagus that should also be appearing soon.

This was very easy to put together and was lovely and fresh, a welcome sensation after the heaviness of the lamb and salt beef we’ve been eating over the weekend.

I poached the trout in some water with a bay leaf, some celery tops and some black peppercorns until it was just cooked. The potatoes were steamed separately and left to cool with the fish. Once it had come down to room temperature, I combined the two with the watercress, some sliced spring onions and a dressing Stephen had made of yoghurt, lemon juice, Dijon mustard and black pepper. The spring onions added an extra zingy note to the yoghurt and acid of the mustard.

We ate this with a mixed salad on the side (yes, we’re desperately trying to up our vegetable intake after the excess of Easter) but it would have been good with some roasted tomatoes stirred through and something else for crunch.

Apr 14th, 2009

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  1. Hello,

    When it comes to fresh Winter greens, have you tried to make alfa-alfa sprouts? I’ve done that a couple of times with great success, it’s very easy and takes only a couple of days or so. Once they’re done, they keep for another 3 days. I have the instructions here, although for mung beans, which take a bit longer. It’s not as nice as watercress, but makes a nice change occasionally.

    Caramella Mou’s last blog post..A Special Dessert

  2. Mrs Ergül said,

    I have never learn to like watercress though it is one of my hubby’s favourite! This salad of yours has got interesting flavour combination!

    Mrs Ergül’s last blog post..Kiwi, Strawberry and Banana Smoothie

  3. Sylvie said,

    I know what you mean about getting a bit sick of all the winter greens. The salad looks great.

    Sylvie’s last blog post..Sausage and Potato Goulash

  4. Alex said,

    I get excited about watercress too – so tasty and peppery! Watercress soup is my all time favourite…

  5. Kerri said,

    I’ve not tried alfa-alfa sprouts, thanks for the link.

    Perhaps if you try with other flavours, MrsE, then you might like it more?

    Thanks Sylvie!

    I’m planning watercress soup for tomorrow actually, Alex 🙂

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