Barbecued Beef Rib

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We discussed a variety of options when deciding on something particularly English to cook as a St George’s day celebration. Roast beef is always pretty high on the list in these sorts of situations, and as the weather was forecast to be good, we decided to cook it on the barbecue instead of doing a traditional Sunday roast. We bought ourselves an impressive-looking air dried rib from our local butcher that had been aged for 21 days – we’ve used this partcular cut a couple of times before and always been pleased with the results but don’t remember having one that looked quite so dark from the ageing process. The clouds came and went and the wind was a little chilly when the sun was obscured, but overall it was good barbecuing weather especially for this time of year.


Having put a couple of foil-wrapped potatoes in amongst the coals for about an hour or so, we finally seasoned the beef with salt and pepper, rubbed it with a little oil and laid it onto the barbecue. Dripping fat caused numerous flare-ups, so we moved the coals to the sides and put the lid onto the barbecue so that the meat wasn’t over a direct heat. This worked well and meant the meat was well seared on the outside and cooked evenly. The initial high heat meant that a brilliant crust formed on the outside of the rib and the smoky flavour from the barbecuing ran all the way through the meat which was tender and sliced like butter. The air drying and aging provided a really deep, beefy flavour which meant it didn’t take us long to devour what was on our plates and go back for seconds.

Served with the aforementioned potatoes, mixed salad, some left-over salsa verde and of course mustard, both English and Dijon:


Foolishly, we forgot to buy any English wine so made do with some interesting England’s Gold ale from Badger instead. Like every summer, we resolved to have as many barbecues as possible, even if the weather isn’t great… we’ll see how that works out 🙂

Apr 27th, 2009

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  1. Becky said,

    That looks lovely . We are trying to the do the lots of BBQs too . Even though we had to sit there on Sat night with wooly hats on

  2. Sylvie said,

    Wow, that really is a slab of meat on the barbie. Lovely.

    Sylvie’s last blog post..Food and Friends

  3. Lizzie said,

    Cor – what a beast! I really want to cook a big slab of meat on th bbq. Now where did that sun go?

    Lizzie’s last blog post..Masala Omelette – A Perfect Hangover Cure

  4. Jonathan said,

    Wow. Very Flintstones! You guys don’t do things by half.

    Jonathan’s last blog post..Cowie’s Pizza Oven

  5. Wow, this looks like quite the piece of meat!

  6. George said,

    Hi, I just saw your blog post over on local food advisor (I blog for them too) and wanted to stop by to say how gorgeous your rib looks! Very delicious 🙂

    George’s last blog post..Get Creative

  7. Kerri said,

    Thanks all. It sure was a large piece of meat. I’m glad it was big enough though otherwise the two of us would have been fighting over it!

  8. Jeanne said,

    Whoa, that’s a whole lotta beef!! Looks fantastic – we had this a lot in restaurants in Chicago last year 🙂 Agree with you 100% on having as many braais/BBQs as possible, whatever the weather. I swear we are buying our new house principally for the little sheltered patio for BBQs!

    Jeanne’s last blog post..Chickpea & paprika crostini

  9. cwildman said,

    Wow that looks fantastic, not tried rib of beef on the BBQ before but am going to try it now!

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