Thai Prawn Soup Again

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We were planning on cooking moules mariniere tonight, but neither of the shops that we visited had mussels, so we scrapped that idea. Then we thought we would do some sort of spaghetti with prawns, so we bought some prawns. When it came to discussing exactly what sort of “spaghetti with prawns” we would have, we strayed from that plan too and decided to have a Thai style soup with rice noodles, similar to Nigel Slater’s one that we cooked recently.

However, we didn’t have all the ingredients that we used last time so just made it up as we went along. We didn’t have lemongrass, but gave it a lift with a squeeze of lime juice and some lime leaves. Also, we played around with the method and did it more like we usually do our green curry – cook the thick part of the coconut milk until it splits, fry the paste in that, season it with fish sauce, and then add the rest of the coconut milk and simmer. It turned out rather well; next time we fancy something similar we will probably just make it up completely rather than follow a recipe at all.

Oct 12th, 2009

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  1. LexEat said,

    Looks delicious, and the perfect antidote to the double roast day no doubt!

  2. Stephen said,

    Thanks Lex and yes, after eating large quantities of land animals yesterday, we only felt like eating a few small sea creatures today 🙂

  3. It looks rather splendid – but I’m curious to know why you need to split the thick part of the coconut milk – is there a reason behind that? xxx
    .-= The Curious Cat´s last blog ..Memory Monday: A recent memory… =-.

  4. Stephen said,

    Hi Cat, it seems appropriate that you are curious about something 🙂 The reason for splitting the coconut milk is so that it splits into oil and solids and then you can use it for frying because it is oily. It’s an old traditional way of doing it. It also means that you don’t need to add extra oil, which is always good since coconut milk is rather calorific as it is. Sometimes the coconut milk doesn’t have a thick part, in which case we just add some oil for frying.

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