Cumin-Scented Chicken Curry

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This evening we couldn’t really decide what to cook, so Kerri went through a few bookmarked recipes in her web browser and found this one.  We mostly followed it, although we put in all the specified spices even though we only had a third of the chicken (and half of the onion and half the yoghurt).  It turned out rather well and had just the right amount of spice (i.e. thrice what the recipe said), although it smelled very strongly of paprika (we used smoked paprika as we didn’t have sweet, although the recipe didn’t specify either) but luckily still tasted of cumin.

We were just thinking that we have been cooking a lot of Thai food lately and have a few really good Thai recipe books, so tasty as it was, it still seems wrong to cook an Indian dish from a recipe from the internets.  Not to say that we haven’t found some really good recipes on the interweb in the past, it just feels like we should have some sort of proper “reference material”.  So if anyone has a recommendation for a good Indian cookbook that we could cook a number of dishes from, please let us know.  We do have our eye on one of Madhur Jaffrey’s books and might get that soon as a starting point.

I must admit that we do have Anjum Anand’s “Indian Cooking Made Easy” and have cooked a couple of recipes out of it.  Having seen her on television since though, she is just far too irritating and we can’t face picking up the book again.  Her recipes seem rather toned-down too; lots of putting in whole chillis and then taking them out later on instead of actually eating them.  It gives the impression that she is trying to make it “palatable” (and of course marketable) to as wide an audience as possible and therefore pretty much pointless from a culinary interest perspective.

Oct 21st, 2009

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  1. Helen said,

    I find madhur jaffreys curry bible rather useful…

  2. Becky said,

    I think I have said before share your opinion of Anjum Anand , she just seems permenantly disgruntled. Iwould love to find a great Indian cookery book, my recipes tend to taste very similar so will be checking back for reccomendations
    .-= Becky´s last blog ..Freshly Caught Trout =-.

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