Mexican Rice

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We are continuing to cook Mexican dishes from the Rick Bayless book that we bought recently.  This one looked like a fairly quick and easy dish to cook.  It turns out that it’s quick and easy if you happen to have some salsa already made, because making that is the longest part of it.

The recipe is fairly simple – skin some chorizo and then fry it in a saucepan, crumbling it up with a spoon as it fries.  When it is done (about 10 minutes), remove it from the pan and pour out some oil if there is too much left.  Then add rice and stir that for a while, frying it risotto style.  After that, add a cup of salsa which we have a recipe for here.  At this point the kitchen filled up with wonderful Mexican-restaurant aromas.

Cook that, stirring regularly, for 5 to 10 minutes until the salsa has cooked down a bit.  Then add stock and a dash of salt, put the lid on and let it simmer until the rice is almost cooked.  Then add the chorizo back in, along with vegetables – the recipe said to use courgettes (or zucchini since it’s an American book…) but we used green beans as that is what we had available.  Let it cook a few minutes longer, then turn off the heat and let it sit with the lid on for another 5 minutes.  Then eat!

Nov 18th, 2009

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  1. This sounds like a perfect weeknight dinner recipe – love the thought of that chorizo and rice

  2. ooo this sounds good – do you know any recipes for simply boiling rice but with flavours/spices added into the mix? A lady from palestine once told me a recipe but it was word of mouth so it evades me now – it sounded very healthy though and simple…I just wish I remembered! xxx
    .-= The Curious Cat´s last blog ..Enid Blyton =-.

  3. Kerri said,

    I’m disappointed not to have tasted it myself, GC, it looks good.

    Thanks, CC. I’ll get back to you on the rice, nothing springs to mind just now but I’ll check our books.

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