Breaded Veal with New Potatoes and Mushroom Sauce

Posted By Stephen

As Kerri was working late today, I offered to organise dinner and have it ready for her when she arrived home. As it was, I ended up working a bit late too and then arrived in Waitrose on the way home without a clue as to what I would cook. I wandered around a bit without being particularly inspired, until I saw the veal.

Coated in seasoned crumbs and pan fried, the veal was good. I also made a mushroom sauce to go with it, which went well with it and with the new potatoes. The potatoes were very good, tasting slightly nutty. We also had some spring greens (the most non-seasonal sounding vegetable in the middle of winter!) which we wilted and sauteed quickly with garlic and butter; they were delicious.

Jan 10th, 2010

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  1. Jenn said,

    Great pics! What are these greens I keep seeing in your pics? They look almost like spinach but not quite…

  2. Stephen said,

    Thanks Jenn! Those greens are called “spring greens” here in the UK – they’re a bit like a cross between spinach and cabbage I think. Wikipedia has a fair amount of detail about them –

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