Stir Fried Chicken with Szechuan Pepper

Posted By Stephen

We planned a quick dinner this evening of stir fried chicken and bought most of the ingredients yesterday. We weren’t quite sure on an exact recipe, which was left up to me as I arrived home first and started slicing things. I sliced an orange pepper, half an onion, some baby corn and a large chicken breast, then finely chopped a garlic clove and grated half an inch or so of ginger.

I decided that as I was still waiting for Kerri to arrive, I might as well marinate the chicken to give it a little more flavour. So into a bowl it went along with some soy sauce and Chinese cooking wine. As I started grinding some black pepper into the marinade, I realised that what we needed was actually Szechuan pepper instead! We had some but had never used it, so now was the perfect opportunity. I didn’t know how much to put in, so added a teaspoon or so of it. I had a look at the side of the spice bottle and it recommended making a marinate of soy sauce, dry sherry and Szechuan pepper, so my impromptu marinade was pretty much spot on.

I’ve never looked very closely at Szechuan pepper before and I expected them to look similar to black or white peppercorns, but actually they are the shell of a little fruit / seed rather than the seed itself – the inside is thrown away. Lots of information about them in the usual place.

We stir fried the various ingredients, adding the marinade to the wok after a few minutes of frying, along with a little more soy sauce and Chinese cooking wine and just a dash of chicken stock before adding some rice noodles and turning the heat down to allow the noodles to heat through.

While I am sure that I have ordered dishes that claim to contain Szechuan pepper, I have never really noticed them to stand out. Which probably means that the dishes that I ordered didn’t contain enough. And that is also the impression that I get from most restaurant reviews that mention them – most of them will say something like “this dish should be spicy and mouth-numbing from the Szechuan pepper but sadly isn’t”. For those that haven’t tried them, they are an interesting experience because they certainly are mouth-numbing. They have a flavour somewhat reminiscent of spicy dried citrus peel and contain a compound which numbs the tongue and gives a strange sensation in the mouth completely separate from the spiciness.

All very interesting and surprising for a first memorable Szechuan pepper experience, considering that I am sure I have eaten it several times before but not really noticed the effects very strongly. Next time we’ll look up a proper Szechuan recipe rather than just cobbling one together.

Apr 6th, 2010

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  1. Alex said,

    Looks great, despite being ‘cobbled together’ !
    .-= Alex´s last blog ..A day trip to Woodbridge =-.

  2. Helen said,

    You guys should come to Chilli Cool. Have you been?

  3. Stephen said,

    Helen, for a second I thought you meant “Cool Chile” which would have been more at home on a Mexican post 🙂

    But no, we haven’t been to Chilli Cool – would love to though.

  4. Helen said,

    Well let’s all go! perhaps in the next few weeks? I reckon you’ll both love it.
    .-= Helen´s last blog ..Mudchute Farm and Kitchen =-.

  5. Greedy Diva said,

    Hi Stephen – Great to meet you at Bibendum last night, and love the blog! Szechuan food is so popular at the moment! GD

  6. Niamh said,

    I second the Chilli Cool suggestion – I love it there! I was there only last week. I can’y believe that I have never blogged it.
    .-= Niamh´s last blog ..Recipe: Home Cured Salmon =-.

  7. Stephen said,

    Thanks Greedy Diva, was great to meet you too!

  8. Stephen said,

    Greedy Diva, was great to meet you there too! See you again at the semi-finals?

  9. Kerri said,

    Yes, let’s go to Chilli Cool! I’ll be in touch.

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