Roast Chicken

Posted By Kerri

While staying with my mum, I remembered that last time I had visited, I froze a roast chicken. I can’t remember why, I suspect we just made other plans for lunch but, knowing it was there, I decided I would roast it on Friday night. I defrosted it slowly overnight but, when it came to cooking it, it smelt bad and I had to throw it out. Luckily, my mum’s freezer is ridiculously over-sized and I managed to unearth enough sausages to feed the proverbial army so I cooked those instead.

The roast chicken craving was firmly in place though so as soon as Stephen and I got back to London, he went off in search of a good-smelling chicken for Sunday lunch.

There wasn’t anything particularly special about the chicken, we didn’t season it with anything particularly exciting or employ any wildly different cooking techniques but, having waited two whole days, it was exactly what I wanted and therefore perfect.

PS From Stephen: Strangely enough, we put some sage leaves under the skin as we have loads of sage growing in the garden and then Kerri realised that about this time last year we had done exactly the same thing!

May 16th, 2010

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