Summer Roast Chicken

Posted By Kerri

As is now traditional, whenever we arrive home from a holiday, we cook roast chicken. It’s a comforting dish and one we always look forward to, particularly when we’ve been away and eating unusual foods.

Neither of us particularly wanted roast potatoes – it was hot and we had eaten a lot of bad foods while we were in Sweden so I opted for a salady dish of broad beans and peas with spring onions. I made a loose salsa-verde to dress the whole lot too.

This was just exactly what we needed, a good balance between comforting and interesting. The chicken looked after itself while I got on with the suitcases full of washing and I got a well-earned rest in the garden while I shelled the beans and peas.

The chicken would have been better shredded and added to the salad instead of sliced on top but it didn’t matter too much, we were both so grateful for something other than herring (well, I was) and Daim ice-creams (Stephen).

Jul 6th, 2010

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