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When I got home from work on Friday, Stephen was busy in the kitchen preparing something of a feast. I hadn’t been very hungry during the day and when he asked me what I would like for dinner, I wasn’t sure. I wasn’t expecting a starter of crab toasts, an amuse bouche of minted pea soup and a main coutse of steak, mushrooms and onions and brocolli.

It was all delicious and luckily I had found my appetite and was able to enjoy it all. I think I’ll employ the same tactic next time Stephen asks me what I want for dinner and see what happens.

Aug 6th, 2010

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  1. Gareth said,

    That looks goooooood steak.

  2. Bloody hell – when I say I don’t know what I feel lke eating, I get pasta!! Think Stephen should give Top Husband classes 😉 Sounds heavenly!

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