Eggs with Bubble and Squeak

Posted By Kerri

Stephen’s at they gym at the moment. It’s not unusual for him to be at the gym, he goes regularly but not usually on a Sunday morning. Sunday mornings are usually reserved for leisurely breakfasts and lunch preperation. The reason for this unusual burst of activity? That’s what he had for breakfast this morning.

Stephen loves eggs and often eats them for breakfast at the weekend, usually fried or scrambled on toast but if there’s anything lurking in the fridge that can be fried up and served alongside then it will be. Today however we were in the unusual position of having more than just potatoes and vegetables left over, there was also some pork fillet, a little jamon and some chorizo so that all went into the frying pan alongside some cavolo nero and some mashed potato to make a porky bubble and squeak. A pretty good way to start the day, even if it does guilt you into an additional gym visit.

Oct 10th, 2010

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