Brussels Sprout Pizza

Posted By Kerri

I know, it sounds a bit novelty doesn’t it? Like I was trying to come up with a festive pizza or something. I wasn’t (although it’s got me thinking) but was instead wondering whether it would be as good as our favourite pizza of the year: the cavolo nero pizza. It wasn’t as good but we both enjoyed it anyway.

The Brussels sprouts (which had been previously sauteed in olive oil and butter) weren’t as deep and earthy as the cavolo nero but they did have a bitter edge that added an interesting flavour to the pizza. The salami balanced that bitterness nicely, as did the sweet tomato sauce.

Dec 17th, 2010

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  1. mangocheeks said,

    Brussels sprouts on pizza, now that is something I am willing to try, especially if it will get me eating more of these little cabbages 🙂 Thank you for sharing this and planting the idea in my head.

  2. Kerri said,

    I hope you like it!

  3. LexEat! said,

    I would have to go with the cavolo nero EVERY time!
    Merry Christmas!

  4. Lizzie said,

    When I asked Fire & Stone’s PR person why they didn’t put brussel sprouts on their Christmas pizza they told me it would be a step too far (and stuffing on a pizza isn’t?!) Oh how I laughed.

  5. Stephen said,

    Thanks LexEat, Merry Christmas to you too!

    Lizzie, glad you asked! Just looked up that pizza… they have roast potatoes on it too… not sure I could bring myself to put potatoes on a pizza.

  6. Helen said,

    Not sure you could bring yourself to put potatoes on a pizza!? Behold.

  7. Kerri said,

    Ha, I was just about to say that I think it’s quite common (popular, I’m not calling you common, Helen!) but ROAST potaotes?

    I can’t believe Fire and Stone is still around. I remember a dreadful trip there when it first opened and that was years ago.

  8. Potatoes on a pizza: Good. Brussels on a pizza: Pure Evil. (Looks nice though.)

  9. Certainly sounds interesting!! xxx

  10. Katie said,

    Hmm, brussel sprouts would be actually tasty on a pizza! I would just peel off the sections of “leaves” and put them on because I find the leaves not as bitter as the middle of it. Yum! Bacon would compliment it so well, I think. Now I want pizza, dammit! =)

  11. Annie said,

    Sounds delish! Brussels sprouts sauteed in with pepperoni or salami is terrific, so it’s easy for me to want to gobble this pizza right up!

  12. Kerri said,

    Thanks for the comments. The Brussels sprouts worked well with the cheese and the salami but it does help if you like those little cabbages (or big peas as Stephen calls them) 🙂

    I tried peeling the leaves off Katie but it was taking forever so I gave up.

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