Purple Sprouting Brocolli Pizza

Posted By Kerri

Pizza is a Friday night staple in our house. It’s fun food, the varieties are endless and it’s also quick and easy which is perfect for a relaxing night at home following a busy week. I was out on Friday night though and since we had decided to try the purple sprouting brocolli topping and didn’t want to wait another week, we went crazy and had pizza on a Saturday night instead. I know, mad aren’t we?

As it turned out, we had a busy Saturday too so we made the dough in advance and left it to rise while we finished off the last of the day’s chores (not that much of a chore actually, since we spent the afternoon at Vagabond, a local wine shop that has a tasting fridge).

The combination (brocolli, chilli, anchovies and lemon zest) is a good one, it’s a classic that works well with pasta, which generally always makes for good pizza topping. We added whole anchovies which were a little over-powering and would have been better simmered in the tomato sauce. The chilli flakes were hot but tasteless, fresh chilli would have been a better option. The brocolli was very good though, adding a depth and richness which reminded us both of the cavolo nero pizza we loved so much last year.

Mar 19th, 2011

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  1. Emily said,

    That looks absolutely delicious. I’ve yet to try your whole greens-on-pizza thing but I have to say it looks amazing every time.

  2. Kerri said,

    Thanks, Emily. It’s something we do more and more often these days and we both really like it. Great for using up the ends of vegetables too so well suited to someone on a student’s budget 🙂

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