Parma Ham, Peashoot and Pesto Pizza

Posted By Kerri

This was originally going to be something and watercress pizza but something went wrong with out shopping order and we ended up with peashoots instead. I had selected watercress because the English stuff is just coming into season, these peashoots were from Portugal so not exactly food-mile friendly but tasty nonetheless.

We tossed the raw peashoots in some pesto before adding them to the cooked pizza, a technique we’ve used before with rocket. We also reserved some of the mozarella and added that with the peashoots, a good way to lighten everything up.

Mar 25th, 2011

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  1. Looks great even if it wasn’t quite planned!

  2. Moya said,

    I like the idea of tossing the pesto with the peashoots and the pizza looks great. Can I have a slice please!

  3. Nifeslife said,

    It look really great! Sometimes the best ideas are better than what we plan! We love the mozzarella it really gives the perfect touch to any pizza!

  4. said,

    It looks awsome… We really love it.

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