British Tapas

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Being my birthday, we decided to have a party. Kerri and I had been discussing the topic of “British Tapas” for quite a while and talking about what sorts of dishes (if any) would both fit this category and be delicious. So we decided to do some experimentation and invited some people round to be guinea pigs.

Unfortunately, with all the rushing around we were doing, we didn’t get pictures of everything. In fact we didn’t get pictures of most things. Hopefully some of our guests took pictures that we can add in later. The menu was, roughly in the order in which dishes appeared (but this was not necessarily the originally intended order):

cheese – Tymsboro
p̢t̩ Рa salmon one and a game one, accompanied by triangles of toast
smoked salmon on buttered wholemeal bread, topped with a dill
black pudding slices
sausages – very good Duchy Originals sausages, served with two types of mustard
pheasant thigh pieces cooked with cider and crème frâiche
mini yorkshire puddings topped with rare roast beef, horseradish sauce and gravy
baby new potatoes with butter
runner beans
Chantenay baby carrots (very carroty!)
raspberry trifle
more cheese – Stinking Bishop, Montgomery’s Cheddar and Swallet

Most things turned out really well. The sausages were really good, the pheasant pieces were good, the yorkshire puddings were brilliant. The trifle was excellent. The cheeses were good. Mmmm cheese.

Pictures that we do have…


Tymsboro Cheese


Game pate


Toast Triangles


Smoked Salmon



Oct 29th, 2006

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  1. Jazz said,

    Lovely pics of great food – keep up the good work.

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