This Week’s Vegetable Box

Posted By Kerri


PARSNIPS!!!!!!!!!!!!! – very exciting, I love parsnips and they’ll go well with the pork belly we’re planning this weekend

Curly kale – mmmmm, will also go well with the pork

Spinach – second hated (after cabbage), Stephen likes it though so hopefully he’ll be looking like Popeye at the end of the week 🙂

Brocolli – I quite like it but this isn’t a particularly good example, it’s soft already and a bit brown…brocolli and stilton soup maybe?

Courgettes – good for roasting, we haven’t had those for a while 😉

Onions – useful as we’ve run out (only because I cancelled them two weeks in a row though)

Mushroommmmmmmmmmmmmms – weekend breakfast

Oranges – these smell really orangey

Apples – cox I think, these are a bit soft though, might have to become a pie

Kiwi fruit – can’t be bothered with the seeds

So, all in all, not a bad haul. I cancelled cabbage, carrots and potatoes this week because we’ve been over-run with them lately. No bananas though, think this is the first time ever; Stephen won’t be happy.

Nov 2nd, 2006

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