Valentine Dinner

Posted By Kerri

Kerri and I planned a Valentine’s dinner – she planned the starter and dessert and I planned the main course. We only found out what each other had planned when we started preparing it on the day. Very exciting!


First was scallops with chorizo and salad leaves. These went well together; maybe the chorizo could have been a little thinner though to make it a bit less overpowering. Very tasty nonetheless.


Served with the scallops and chorizo was some toasted ciabatta, served on the very lovely heart-shaped chopping board that Kerri had had made for me for a Valentine’s present.


Next up was rack of lamb with sauteed potatoes, mashed butternut and carrots. My plan was that two lamb cutlets would look a bit like a heart, but the plan didn’t work out very well. The lamb was good though; it was salt marsh lamb from our local butcher. The carrots were vaguelly heart shaped, not sure if it’s possible to make that out from here.

Kerri had planned a chocolate-related dessert, but we were too full for it after all of that so we’re saving it for another time. We did have a few chocolate truffles in its place though… yummy.


Feb 16th, 2007

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  1. Kerri said,

    The sautee potatoes were the best ever, really tasty. We ate the leftover cold ones on Thursday night 🙂


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