Rib of Beef

Posted By Kerri

As it was St George’s Day today, we decided a celebration was in order. We started with some Nyetimber, an English sparkling wine made in West Sussex:


We’ve had this before and this bottle has been sitting on the wine rack waiting to be drunk for a while. It’s a really good wine, easy to drink on it’s own but also great with food. It has a deep, nutty taste, a little like almonds or marzipan.

This was followed by rib of beef which we bought from the local butcher. After rubbing it with oil, salt and pepper, we browned it on the hob:

We then roasted it in the oven (15 minutes per lb for medium rare) and left it to rest for 20 minutes:


Stephen then carved it:

We served it with some Jersey Royals that had been crushed with horseradish, parsely and salt and pepper and some purple sprouting brocolli.


It tasted brilliant. The meat was perfectly cooked (well done Stephen!) and full of flavour, which is interesting because we stuck to a simple roasting method rather than using lots of garlic and chilli like we normally do. It further proves the point that if you buy good quality meat you don’t have to do very much with it.


Apr 24th, 2007

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  1. Stephen said,

    We also bought some Cornish crab that we were going to have as starter. However, after buying it on Saturday, we ripped open the bag to taste it and then forgot about it so by the time we came to use it last night it had started going off. Disappointing. Next time we’ll know to eat it all at once or freeze it.

    Back to the beef though.  It was really good and I have some for a sandwich for lunch today too 🙂

  2. Richard said,

    Looks and sounds delicious…
    I had crab at the weekend with some English asparagus (recipe will come soon…) – and we had that with some English sparkle – the last of our bottles of Chappel Down which was fantastic…

    The beef looks terrific…

  3. Kerri said,

    Thanks Richard, it was good and just as good cold for lunch today!

    Chappel Down is on our list for places to visit actually, have been reading a lot about them lately.


  4. Richard said,

    We visited Chappel Down some time ago and enjoyed it – though in the end, it cost us a lot with all the wine we bought…

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